Sunday, September 10, 2006


Football and the "kids"

E.J. is a very dedicated Detroit Lions fan. Yes, I am a football widow but I don't really mind because it keeps him busy while I work on my knitting and other activities. Well, except when he tries to engage me in conversations about the game, last week I just handed him the phone and suggested he call his Dad. Wouldn't ya know it? His Dad wasn't in the mood to talk football either, they talked for a long time, but not about football, so I still had to hear all about it anyway.

This is the part of the "shrine" that he has in the living room. Oh, he has little cars and trucks and shot glasses that sit around the tv too. We saw a Detroit Lion couch on the NFL website. Oh My! Guess I know what he will be asking Santa for this year :)

Ren and Xena are finally beginning to play together. She actually will do the wiggle rump ambush move with him now, she's having a ball torturing him. Ren isn't sure if she is going to smack him with her claws out or not, and he is a big chicken. He's trying to hide behind E.J.'s leg. It's very funny when she chases him down the hall. We've actually had to scold the cat for being so mean to the dog and to stop picking on him. As you can see below, she just glares at us :)

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