Friday, May 02, 2008


Sarah & Tim's Wedding

April 26, 2008

The new family, Alayna, Sarah, Tim and Alyssa. Alayna and Alyssa are Tim's girls from a previous marriage and a very welcome addition to our family too.

E.J loves a good party, and this was one of the best :) I just had to share this video. It's too bad that it's too dark to really see well, but I think you get the idea that he is having a blast and so is everybody watching him go!

Sarah and Ed, her Dad

E.J and Sarah, his baby sister, the bride.

E.J. and Brad, his other brother in law, who happens to be the grooms uncle, yes, you might be a redneck if.... lol!!! Explanation, Brad Oskey is married to Jean, E.J.'s older sister. Sarah, the baby sister met Tim Oskey, the new groom, at a family gathering and they hit it off :) Just keeping it all in the family LOL!!!

E.J. and his Dad all dressed up :)
Jean is on the right, the empty spot is to represent Pamela, our niece who has been deployed to Irag at the last minute, then it's Casey, Kelsey (Jean's girls) and Alayna. Alyssa was standing on the other side of her father in front of the groomsmen.

The Groom's Mom on the left and Evelyn, E.J. and Sarah's Mom, on the right. With family poems and family singers the wedding was quite the production. There was even sand blowing in the wind :)

And us... all worn out at the end of the day :)

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