Sunday, November 19, 2006


Lions vs Cardinals

Today was the big day. E.J. and his friend Bob drove the 4 hours to Glendale to watch the Detroit Lions play against the Arizona Cardinals. I wasn't sure Bob was going to let him ride in his car in this get up, but he just laughed and off they went. Oh, that's a giant flag that he wears like a cape across his back. What a fun guy, at least his face isn't painted blue :)

Thursday, November 16, 2006


The "Kids" going for a ride.

From the left, Nellie, Augie, Ren and Scooby Do. We had all the neighbors outside laughing at us because we were trying to take Augie to the Vet and leave the other 3 behind. Not so easy a task! I even had to run down the road after Ren and Nellie because Nellie has figured out how to climb a hurricane link fence and Ren found a little space to crawl under it! Scooby is the only one of the bunch that really minds well :)
Augie is very very ill. He has been infected with Lyme disease and it is wreaking all kinds of havoc in his system. He has symptoms of both Valley Fever and Lyme disease so he is one very miserable dog and it was seeming like the antibiotics were making him sicker instead of better. E.J. took him back to the vet yesterday because it had been a week and he seemed to be getting worse. She put him on Prednisone. I live on a low dose Prednisone regimen and thought it kind of funny that the dog and I are on the same medication, but I am so excited. Augie is like a new dog! Just after 2 doses, the nose bleeds have stopped, he barked at the electric meter guy, he can actually move his body without showing any signs of pain at all and he is HUNGRY! It's just a miracle! He's not out of the woods yet, we have to watch for ulcerations and any other damage he might sustain on his body, but it is so wonderful to see this improvement.

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