Sunday, July 15, 2007


Mohave Lake

Augie loves to fetch, he lives for it, and dry land is not a requirement, he is true to his breed for sure :)
Scooby is Mom, Nellie is her daughter, our pretty girls :)

Scooby loves to run, and she will run all along the beach in the water as long as it doesn't go deeper than her belly. We have to haul her out or pretend we're drowning to make her actully go over her head, swimming just ain't her thing :)
Nellie is like her daddy and loves to swim and play fetch....

However, her idea of fetch is to steal it out of Augies mouth. Ren loves to swim too, but he doesn't fetch, he dives in and just wants to be where the action is and where his people are.Nellie being a lovey girl.
Augie has fetched the bottle and Ren is trying to fetch E.J. :)

Lake Mohave is the result of the Davis Dam on the Colorado River between Laughlin, NV and Hoover Dam. It's wonderful and boat beaches are everywhere and it's not over crowded at all. We had a very relaxing day here and had I known it was so great, we would have been spending alot more time here. It's only about 45 minutes away too. I wish I had known how great this was when Becca and her family were visiting, I'm sure she would have enjoyed camping out here. The water was perfect too. It's also a good sized reservoir, the pictures don't give you any idea of the size, but it reminds me alot of Melones in Angels Camp. We are definitely going to have to get a party boat soon.

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