Friday, May 02, 2008


Sarah & Tim's Wedding

April 26, 2008

The new family, Alayna, Sarah, Tim and Alyssa. Alayna and Alyssa are Tim's girls from a previous marriage and a very welcome addition to our family too.

E.J loves a good party, and this was one of the best :) I just had to share this video. It's too bad that it's too dark to really see well, but I think you get the idea that he is having a blast and so is everybody watching him go!

Sarah and Ed, her Dad

E.J and Sarah, his baby sister, the bride.

E.J. and Brad, his other brother in law, who happens to be the grooms uncle, yes, you might be a redneck if.... lol!!! Explanation, Brad Oskey is married to Jean, E.J.'s older sister. Sarah, the baby sister met Tim Oskey, the new groom, at a family gathering and they hit it off :) Just keeping it all in the family LOL!!!

E.J. and his Dad all dressed up :)
Jean is on the right, the empty spot is to represent Pamela, our niece who has been deployed to Irag at the last minute, then it's Casey, Kelsey (Jean's girls) and Alayna. Alyssa was standing on the other side of her father in front of the groomsmen.

The Groom's Mom on the left and Evelyn, E.J. and Sarah's Mom, on the right. With family poems and family singers the wedding was quite the production. There was even sand blowing in the wind :)

And us... all worn out at the end of the day :)

Thursday, August 30, 2007


First Flash Flood of the Monsoon July 2007

Here's a little video I took of the flash flood that came careening down the wash behind our house. It's all very exciting when we get these during our monsoon time of year, and as you can see from the photo's below, Augie just loves it! Nellie will swim, but only because she is chasing Augie, Scooby won't go near it and we worried that Ren would get swept away but he was smart enough to stay to the edge only :) What fun!

That's Augie with a log in his mouth in the middle of the wash, it's about 3 feet deep at this point.

Doesn't look much like a dog that was on his death bed last November does he :) Oh, the somewhat broken up, disheveled fence is ours and the other gentlemen are one of our neighbors and his son :)

and I just liked this shot :)

Friday, July 20, 2007


Welcome Emcee (Middle Cat)

First Kiss:)

First Hiss :)

Emcee (actually MC for Middle Cat as she was named by her first homies) joined our family today. She was born on May 12, 2007 in Mohave Valley, AZ. She is decended from a dumped-by-the-pond litter of baby kitties that some very kind folks happened to hear mewing one day and took into their home. Since Tank passed away back in February, 2007, Xena has been kind of lonely and we decided she should have a new buddy to play with. When we leave the house, she meows and meows till she is hoarse. She just doesn't like being left alone, and we just can't stay inside all the time, so the solution is Emcee :)

I sure miss Tank, he was a beautiful true Manx, he didn't even have a nub of a bone where his tail would have been, just a little tuft of hair. He rode back and forth with me when I was commuting between California and Arizona and he was so well behaved, my mother would let him come inside her house when we visited with her too :) He was a pretty trippy kitty and I miss him. We believe he ate some kind of poison. He was kind of lethargic one evening and gone the next morning.

This was Tank when he was about 9 months old. Patricio was a rescued from the street starving little guy. My friend Patricia found him and gave him to me, so he was named after her. He came to the desert with us. He started spending more and more days away from home so I knew we were sharing him with another family. Then one day, he came home snuggled all of us said goodbye and moved out. We still see him from time to time 2 blocks away. He really hated our dogs and I suppose he decided it was time to move on. It's nice to know that he found a good home for himself :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Becca's 4th of July Visit

This is Justin, Becca's new love. They came to vacation with us over the 4th of July this year. They spent a couple of days in Las Vegas while we watched Trinity and Severen. Severen is 5 and is Justin's son.
Although I burned the poor little guy to a crisp letting him swim too much in the pool (yes I used lots of sunscreen, but he has more delicate skin and no one warned me and yes I feel terrible about it). I think they had a good time.
Trinity and I made this Barbie dress on her Barbie tube knitter. She usually is really interested in making things, but this trip she had Severen to play with and we were only able to spend a couple of days so those were all spent out in the pool. Hopefully next summer we will be able to spend more time together so we can make stuff :)

We spent 2 more days down in Laughlin and watched an awesome fireworks display over the river and then the kids suddenly cut their trip short and went home. I yearn for the day that Becca and I can spend some time together without getting all stressed out.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Mohave Lake

Augie loves to fetch, he lives for it, and dry land is not a requirement, he is true to his breed for sure :)
Scooby is Mom, Nellie is her daughter, our pretty girls :)

Scooby loves to run, and she will run all along the beach in the water as long as it doesn't go deeper than her belly. We have to haul her out or pretend we're drowning to make her actully go over her head, swimming just ain't her thing :)
Nellie is like her daddy and loves to swim and play fetch....

However, her idea of fetch is to steal it out of Augies mouth. Ren loves to swim too, but he doesn't fetch, he dives in and just wants to be where the action is and where his people are.Nellie being a lovey girl.
Augie has fetched the bottle and Ren is trying to fetch E.J. :)

Lake Mohave is the result of the Davis Dam on the Colorado River between Laughlin, NV and Hoover Dam. It's wonderful and boat beaches are everywhere and it's not over crowded at all. We had a very relaxing day here and had I known it was so great, we would have been spending alot more time here. It's only about 45 minutes away too. I wish I had known how great this was when Becca and her family were visiting, I'm sure she would have enjoyed camping out here. The water was perfect too. It's also a good sized reservoir, the pictures don't give you any idea of the size, but it reminds me alot of Melones in Angels Camp. We are definitely going to have to get a party boat soon.

Monday, March 12, 2007


Me and Eileen

E.J. found a box of old pictures and he came across this one taken in May of 2002 of me (the big girl) and my friend Eileen Real. She worked with me as my Youth Program Aide and we sure made a wonderful team helping at risk teenagers become employable through the Federally funded J.T.P.A. Summer Youth Employment Program of Tuolumne County back in the 1990's. She passed away about a year and a half later from Hepatitis C. I loved her very much and I still miss her very much and this was one of her "good days".

Eileen Real
Oct. 28, 1948 — Aug. 8, 2003
Longtime Sonora resident Eileen Real died suddenly Friday at a Sonora hospital. She was 54.
She was born in Long Island, N.Y. She lived in Sonora for 25 years. She worked as a training supervisor for Mother Lode Job Training for nine years.
Her family said she loved motorcycling, dancing and spending time with her family.
She is survived by her sons Brett Cawley of Oregon, David Rose of Sonora and Michael Rose of Modesto; two sisters, Maryann Grant of Ellensburg, Wash., and Teresa Lawson of St. Louis; and four grandchildren.
Services will be held at a later date. Heuton Memorial Chapel is handling arrangements.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Thanksgiving 2006

Trinity getting dolled up for her day in the ghost town and the burro's.
Oatman, AZ, a ghost gold town that's turned tourist town, famous for the wild burro's. Trinity is a horse lover so we had to go feed carrots to the burro's in the streets. It was a very nice day and we all had a really good time.The coffin sits on main street with the measurements carved on the wall behind it so they know how big to build the box when you're gunned down in the street :) E.J. couldn't stop laughing long enough to get a picture with his tongue out.

Becca did better....
she cracked up too .... and then Trinity insisted that she get in on the fun! I especially love the giant ice cream cone, it's darn near bigger than she is :)
That picture just cracks me up!!!

Since we won't be in California for Christmas this year, it came a little early for Trinity. A new bike and gear for it.

Grandpa is going to teach her to ride a 2 wheeler.

and he gave it a good try, but notice the back? Training wheels after all :)

I'm hoping to get some pictures from E.J.'s mom from the actual Turkey day feast. When I get them, I'll add them to the post. We have lots to be thankful for and it was wonderful to be able to spend quality time with my daugher and granddaughter too.

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