Thursday, August 30, 2007


First Flash Flood of the Monsoon July 2007

Here's a little video I took of the flash flood that came careening down the wash behind our house. It's all very exciting when we get these during our monsoon time of year, and as you can see from the photo's below, Augie just loves it! Nellie will swim, but only because she is chasing Augie, Scooby won't go near it and we worried that Ren would get swept away but he was smart enough to stay to the edge only :) What fun!

That's Augie with a log in his mouth in the middle of the wash, it's about 3 feet deep at this point.

Doesn't look much like a dog that was on his death bed last November does he :) Oh, the somewhat broken up, disheveled fence is ours and the other gentlemen are one of our neighbors and his son :)

and I just liked this shot :)

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